VINE Formulation

Our VINE* Formulation technology is designed to address the the solubilization performance requirements of your active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

What is VINE formulation?

VINE stands for: V-helix INclusion-complex Excipient

Our formulation is a powder composition comprising:

  1. a functionalized starch excipient having a single helix V-structure with a degree of substitution of at least 0.25
  2. an API forming an inclusion complex with the functionalized starch within the helix V-structure

Advantages of VINE Formulation

Solstar Pharma method for enhancing solubility of API:

  • High bioavailability
  • API Structure remains intact with no derivatization or modification of API
  • Good protection of API for long term storage
  • Simple, low cost, natural excipient
  • Stable in gastric acidity
  • 100 % generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
  • Compressible tablet forms for immediate release (fast action) or controlled release (longer action)
  • No need of functional reagents, toxic organic solvents or heat treatment
  • No need of acid or alkaline aqueous media
  • No requirement of special equipment to manufacture


*VINE: V-helix INclusion-complex Excipient