Management Team

Dr. Dennis Baltzis, PhD


Dr. Baltzis worked as an Oncology Clinical Research Associate at Covance, and as an Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator at the Clinical Research Unit of the Jewish General Hospital. He monitored, managed and coordinated various phase I-III Pharmaceutical oncology clinical trials. Dr. Baltzis obtained his PhD degree from McGill University in Experimental Medicine specializing in molecular oncology. He then pursued his post-doctoral training in Immunology at the University of Dundee, Scotland working as a Medical Research Council scientific advisor reporting to pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Baltzis assisted organizational leadership in making decisions based on his research findings, and provided information that helped shape research and development policies regarding drug discovery. Dr. Baltzis has acquired the right tools that will assure quality and credibility in managing scientific projects and clinical trials.

Dr. Tien Canh Le, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Le is a research scientist with a wide field of academic experience M.SC. in Biology, M.Sc. in Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry with diversified experience in both academic and the industrial sectors. Some of his previous professional positions include Vice President and Director Research Development for several bio-pharmaceutical companies. He specializes in various domains such as pharmaceuticals, biomedical, and food nutrition. Dr. Le is author of numerous patents, related to novel biotechnology, bio-material and medicinal products. Many of these products have reached the marketplace. His research actually targets the innovative technologies for oral pharmaceutical drugs and also formulations for solubilizing hydrophobic products and increase their bio-availability. Dr. Le has successfully developed in the past many products that are actually in the market such as gel formulated ibuprofen, paint-ball formulations and nutraceuticals products that were bought by a large Canadian-based public company.

Dr. Patrick Barnabé, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Barnabé graduated with a Doctor in Medicine degree from the University of Ottawa and obtained his Residency in Family Practice at the University of Montreal. For the past 22 years, Dr. Barnabé has worked as a clinical teacher at the University of Ottawa in the School of Medicine, as well as a family doctor at an independent clinical practice in downtown Ottawa. Currently, he is a designated medical consultant to more than thirty embassies in Ottawa including; France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, European Community, and Brazil.

Dr. Barnabé has also worked as a Technology Scout and Transfer Agent for numerous universities, private and public companies and US states in the biotechnology sector over the past 28 years. Furthermore, he has worked with a number of small capital companies to help raise seed capital. During the 1980's, he was an advisor to Canada's Ministry of Health and Health Protection Branch during the AIDS epidemic. In 2002, Dr. Barnabé planned the first synthetic analog of the Antifreeze molecule (AFP) which was later created at the IRCOF laboratory at the University of Rouen in France, one of the best organic chemistry labs in the world, using their proprietary Gem-difluorine technology. The molecule was later named anti-ageing glycoprotein (AAGP).

Dr. Barnabe is a Knight of the National Order of Brazil, Commander of the National Order of Service in Spain and a Knight of the National Order of Merit of the French Republic. He has obtained a long and very successful career in both medicine and technology.